About Us

It's been quite a journey, a journey that began in space!

In 1985 we were letting space at the rear of checkouts in supermarkets, DIY stores and Cash and Carry stores, we soon became known as the UK's leading space agency.

The majority of our customer base at this time were large national sales outfits but we felt there was room and need to get smaller independant local businesses involved and so we approached a portable display manufacturer and we developed a range of portable display systems that would be both easy to transport by an individual person but could also be erected in seconds to give a voluminous display area of course it would also have to fit within the most frugal of budgets. By the mid 1990's we had become the nations largest independent distributor of portable display equipment.

It was only a matter of time before we were to expand into the world of promotional give-aways and we partnered up with an international sourcing agency to offer a vast array of incentives, awards and rewards.

Our journey is far from over, and we'd love to invite you to come along as we continue into the future.

Buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride, our friendly professional staff will be along in a moment to serve you with the very best in corporate hospitality.